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phpLD 3.4: "Notice: SmartyValidate: [validate plugin] form 'login' is not registered." error
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Written by 101wsites   
Tuesday, 27 October 2009 12:00

Error in the page header when trying to login to the administration area of the link directory: "Notice: SmartyValidate: [is_valid] form 'login' is not registered. in /home2/welikedt/public_html/_101bookmarks/libs/smarty/SmartyValidate.class.php on line 276"
Error in the administration login box: "Notice: SmartyValidate: [validate plugin] form 'login' is not registered. in /home2/welikedt/public_html/_101bookmarks/libs/smarty/plugins/function.validate.php on line 46"
No changes had been made to the site for months, and so there is no obvious reason for why the error should suddenly appear.

Solution 1
Close browser and reopen starting a new session. If the problem persists, clear browser cache, try using a different browser or try later with the same browser.

Solution 2

Maybe disk space on the hosting account used have reached it’s maximum level. Deleting some log files bringing back under quota.

If neighter of the above solutions work for you, transfer your website tot another web hosting company.

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